the fund

  1. What is HODL5?
    An index based upon a proprietary trading algorithm, which HODL5 funds utilize in their decision making processes.
  2. What is HODL5-A?
    HODL5-A is a private fund for accredited investors only. We plan to offer more generally available funds in the future.
  3. What is the composition of the fund?
    The fund invests entirely in crypto-currencies.
  4. What are the fund’s fees?
    There is a 2% annual management fee. Additionally, there is a 15% early redemption fee for any amounts withdrawn within 90 days of deposit.
  5. What is hodl?
    A misspelling of hold that goes back to bitcoin’s origins and implies holding on for dear life. See: bitcointalk.org.

About the company

  1. What is our company structure?
    We are a company ran by developers.
  2. What are our thoughts on bitcoin?
    Cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrencies of today; however, it’s unlikely to be the leading cryptocurrency of tomorrow. We believe that through diversification, investors are likely to receive a safer and higher return.
  3. What is our company goal?
    Our goal is to make investing into cryptocurrencies as easy as it is to buy a cup of coffee.
  4. Where is the company located?
    In the United States.